African recollections

As she strikes on from her posting, the BBC’s Southern Africa correspondent Karen Allen appears again on practically 12 years of reporting from the continent. Africa isn’t a rustic. It’s a continent that feels prefer it has come of age. Regardless of the very actual issues of poverty, corruption and the sense you typically get in some quarters, that no-one is held to account, enterprise varieties hail Africa because the

Protected haven?

Picture copyright Iymen Baerli Australia has resettled about half of the 12,000 refugees it agreed to take in over the past 13 months from the conflict in Syria, however how are they adapting to life of their new nation? It’s a yr since Iymen Baerli, a refugee from Syria, arrived in Sydney along with his spouse and three younger kids. Inside days, the skies above the harbour of Australia’s greatest

This Photograph Of A Trump Billboard In Mumbai Is Actual, And So Is The Darkish Irony

It’s a photograph so poignant and so symbolic you’d be forgiven for assuming it’s faked.  And also you wouldn’t be alone in that conclusion: Each Reddit and Snopes dismissed it as faux when it went viral earlier this yr. And but this can be a actual picture of an actual billboard, that includes President-elect Donald Trump selling Trump Tower in Mumbai whereas homeless kids camp on the street beneath. “There