Stephen Hawking: Tributes pour in for 'inspirational' physicist

Stephen Hawking: Tributes pour in for 'inspirational' physicist Media playback is unsupported in your system Scientists, politicians and actors have paid tribute to world famend physicist Stephen Hawking, who has been referred to as an “inspiration to hundreds of thousands”. The British scientist, famed for his work on black holes, died peacefully at his home in Cambridge aged 76. Astronomer Royal Lord Rees, one of many world’s most outstanding scientists,

People 'thrived' after historic Mount Toba eruption

Humans 'thrived' after historic Mount Toba eruption Early people might have flourished after the biggest volcanic eruption in historical past, in accordance with new analysis. Mount Toba erupted in Indonesia about 74,000 years in the past. The occasion was lengthy thought to have triggered a volcanic winter, drastically lowering the worldwide human inhabitants on the time. Current excavations in South Africa counsel that settlements there not solely endured the cataclysm,

Archaeopteryx flew like a pheasant, say scientists

Archaeopteryx flew like a pheasant, say scientists The well-known winged dinosaur Archaeopteryx was able to flying, in keeping with a brand new examine. A global analysis group used highly effective X-ray beams to see inside its bones, exhibiting they have been nearly hole, as in fashionable birds. The creature flew like a pheasant, utilizing quick bursts of lively flight, say scientists. Archaeopteryx has been a supply of fascination because the

Microplastics are 'littering' riverbeds

Microplastics are 'littering' riverbeds Media playback is unsupported in your machine Microscopic plastic beads, fragments and fibres are littering riverbeds throughout the UK – from rural streams to city waterways. That is in keeping with a research that analysed sediments from rivers in north-west England. Scientists from the College of Manchester examined river sediments at 40 websites all through Better Manchester and located “microplastics in every single place”. There’s proof

Why sharks prefer it sizzling – however not too sizzling

Why sharks like it hot – but not too hot Scientists have calculated the water temperature at which tiger sharks are most energetic and ample. They are saying the sharks, that are second solely to nice whites in attacking individuals, favor a balmy 22C. Shark populations might shift vary because the oceans warmth up, bringing them into larger battle with people, in response to the scientific examine. As an illustration,

'Boaty McBoatface' sub survives ice mission

'Boaty McBoatface' sub survives ice mission “Boaty McBoatface” has executed its most daring dive but. The nation’s favorite yellow submarine swam below a near-600m thick ice shelf within the Antarctic, returning safely to its launch ship after 48 hours away. It was an essential take a look at for the novel autonomous automobile, which was developed on the UK’s Nationwide Oceanography Centre (NOC). Boaty’s handlers now plan much more arduous

Alien atmospheres recreated on Earth

Alien atmospheres recreated on Earth Researchers have recreated the chemistry of atmospheres on distant planets for the primary time within the lab, in accordance with two new papers. They discovered that hazes, such because the hydrocarbons that shroud Saturn’s moon Titan, could be produced on a category of exoplanets referred to as super-Earths and mini-Neptunes. Chemical hazes and clouds can affect floor temperature and the potential for a planet to

What occurs when AI meets robotics?

What happens when AI meets robotics? Researchers in Texas are creating robots which have minds of their very own. The scientists are creating techniques that may be taught for themselves and be capable of function within the residence, the office and even on the sports activities subject. The College of Texas, Austin group is incorporating synthetic intelligence into its machines in order that they will cope with real-world conditions. Among

Sir John Sulston human genome pioneer dies

Sir John Sulston human genome pioneer dies British genome pioneer Sir John Sulston has died aged 75. He got here to prominence because the British face of the worldwide challenge to decode the human genome. Sir John won a Nobel Prize in 2002 for his work on the event of cells inside a humble worm, which paved the best way for improvements in most cancers analysis. He was referred to

Amelia Earhart: Island bones 'doubtless' belonged to famed pilot

Amelia Earhart: Island bones 'likely' belonged to famed pilot Bones found on a Pacific island in 1940 are “doubtless” to be these of famed pilot Amelia Earhart, in accordance with a US peer reviewed science journal. Earhart, her aircraft, and her navigator vanished and not using a hint in 1937 over the Pacific Ocean. Many theories have sought to clarify her disappearance. However a brand new research printed in Forensic